Employers play a significant role in creating relevant career pathways and the necessary pull to attract and retain top talent to the food and beverage industry. Here are some of the best practices being identified by FaB to support your talent recruitment and retention efforts.


Offer FaB as an employee benefit
Talent is often looking for valuable interaction with industry peers on relevant issues and interests, as well as opportunities to volunteer. FaB membership includes free membership for your talent base while increasing your company’s visibility at an affordable rate.

Use and promote FaB’s job board
Our job board offers you an affordable industry-specific place to post your career opportunities. Join industry leaders working to make this the job board for your industry statewide.

Be represented on our Talent Forum
Our Talent Forum is a group of dedicated industry professionals and educators developing career pathways, conducting career outreach and building out FaB’s career center. Through pilot partnerships, the Talent Forum is developing best practices and protocols for how the industry can work more effectively with high schools, technical colleges and universities.

Use and contribute to our Career Video Collection
We're building a food industry career video collection to make the careers and career pathways more "real” for youth and students. We have found that the most commonly-identified industry career among youth is a chef, especially a celebrity chef. We’re striving to build a video collection that will inform and inspire students, teachers, counselors, and parents to the breadth of industry careers, our food and beverage makers in particular.

Exhibit at coordinated industry job fairs or career explorations
Watch our calendar and the FaBfeed for notices of opportunities.The Talent Forum coordinates announcements and brings industry together to gain the most from your investment of time. Past events include FaB’s Farm-Factory-Fork Career Discoveries



Know and promote your company culture
Do you know how your company culture stacks up against the competition? With a shrinking talent pool brought on by the retiring Boomer population and declining interest in manufacturing careers, it’s more important than ever to create a magnetic company culture. Take advantage of "top places to work” awards, wellness and workplace flexibility awards in your area and nationally. 

Offer opportunities to up-skill your talent
Support your top talent in their pursuit for excellence. Technical colleges offer affordable programming to help your talent advance their industry skills and knowledge. 

Retain your young professionals
Young professionals (YPs) are more likely to stay if they are engaged. Young professional groups, such as MMAC's FUEL Milwaukee, introduce and engage YPs to their community.  They typically offer after-hours activities, community service opportunities, and create opportunities for YPs to shape their community. Some also work with employers developing workplaces more attractive to the younger generation.   



Offer student internships
Student interns will more likely stay in the community they experience their internship in.  Many technical colleges and four-year universities require students to intern. In fact, as FaB was developing the state’s first food manufacturing technology programs, the industry required that an internship be included. Internships offer a productive opportunity to take talent for a "test drive” while introducing them to careers in the food industry. Use our job board to promote your internship opportunities.

Offer youth employment opportunities
With youth employment at the lowest levels in history, our youth have far fewer opportunities to learn essential employability skills at an early age. No excuses — opportunities in the office, lab or warehouse are as beneficial as those in production. Engage youth early to interest them in your company and in a career in the food industry.

Encourage your professionals to speak with students
Speaking to classes is a personal way for professionals to share their career story and provide students a glimpse into their day-to-day responsibilities, their employer and the industry.

Offer and market classroom tours
Open your doors to classroom tours at grade schools, high schools, technical colleges and universities. Tours are another easy way for you to introduce talent to the possibilities of a food industry career. If you’re not able to permit production floor tours, get creative like Palermo’s Pizza which offers a window view for classes to see and learn about pizza production.