FaB Wisconsin is where the business of food meets our passion for better food and beverage. Where "better" means cleaner, closer, smarter, safer, bolder food and beverage. Where “from Wisconsin” means better for the world. 

Wisconsin is home to over 20,000 food and beverage industry employers with over 430,000 employees, generating $104 billion in economic activity. Wisconsin’s food history and strength have generated a wide, unique food and beverage family over the past 200 years. 

Today, our concentration of food and beverage manufacturing talent ranks fourth in the nation, and our concentration of talent in food packaging and equipment manufacturing ranks second. Long known as the dairy state, we rank #1 for cheese. We’re also second in the nation for organic production. The list goes on. From farm to factory to fork, we’re leaders of the industry.


A cluster organization founded on Wisconsin’s food and beverage manufacturing strength, FaB was one of the first in the United States to form. Our purpose is to tighten Wisconsin’s food and beverage industry ecosystem and to heighten our industry leadership, global awareness, and capacity for sustainable growth and industry innovation.

FaB Wisconsin comes up 30,000 feet to assess and respond to the strengths and weakness of our industry ecosystem. We bring visibility to our strengths, and when voids are identified, we listen for what wants to happen and make it happen.

To date, five areas of strategic focus have been identified:



Having celebrated our Fifth Annual Meeting in November 2018, we’ve laid a foundation of plans and signature benefits that address the operational needs of our makers and manufacturers and offer benefits across the industry from farm to factory to fork. With five areas of strategic focus, our Member Forums are engaging and collaborations continue to form as we pay attention to what wants and needs to happen to achieve our purpose with passion.